Welcome to my PLAYROOM project!


It was important to me to realize an idea far away from conventional people-photo shootings. This project focuses on the human body and a wooden box. I put people into a box of only about half a cubic meter (1x1x0,5m). This predefined space should be occupied by them within a very short time and they should play with it. For a human being this is an uncommon, confining and unnatural environment. One can neither stand upright nor is it possible to hold on to anything. The view is also very limited. All this is contrasted by the bright white as well as the sensual and soft shapes of a human body.
Under these unreal conditions I asked my models to deal with space. As exciting and different as the resulting photos are, as different are the individual experiences, thoughts and sensations.


» Bodies are presented in a sculptural, strong and dramatic way. The result is unique and powerful images of moments. « (Nuremberg Newspaper)


It will start on Sunday, 29 March 2020. Have a look and bookmark it:


Look forward to a book full of passion. The focus is on the Playroom photobook. The book contains ten pictures per model. Each picture is presented on one page.

In the book you will find 19 different series with ten unique images each. Depending on the stretch goals there will be up to 19 series (more than 190 photographs) and behind the scenes moments.

The book will be about 200 pages with an introduction by the photographer.  The book will be hardcover and the pages will be a heavy paper. Size approximately 30×21 cm. A fantastic book for any sophisticated photography fan or photography library!







Below you see a small selection. In total, several hundreds of unique pictures have been taken.